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Q4 2020



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Clara wakes up to a phone that isn't hers. On it, she finds a perplexing message left by a hacker named the Gòd o͏f̴ B̴in͠a̸r̨y̧, stating that her time left in this world is short. Her only clue is a series of encrypted messages locked on the device — and a mysterious new friend who woke up to a phone that wasn't his. What does this enigmatic hacker want? Why is he talking about the end of the world? And what does any of this have to do with Clara's quaint and peaceful life in Haven Heights? All we know for sure is that if she doesn't embark on this quest... her friends will drag her into it anyway.


Monospaced Lovers began with a concept: "falling in love with someone you've never met." I wanted to express this feeling in a game, using mediated communication to make the player feel that the other character is always present, but never fully "there." Interestingly, I originally thought to create the game in RPG Maker, along the lines of To The Moon. But when I started learning Unity, the project spiralled into a surprisingly complex narrative platformer with its own unique puzzles and boss battles. I began working on the game full-time in March 2018, and after assembling a team, we're finally perparing to show the game to the world.


  • Dodge bullets! With 4+ bullet hell boss battles and even more challenge rooms, you'll have to learn how to platform in a whole new way.
  • Experience a heartfelt story with a 50,000+ word count. Comedy! Drama! Social anxiety! Philosophy? We dropped the "silent protagonist" trope to create a heroine with her own personality and feelings — and she's always one step ahead of you.
  • Chat up the local Tanuki, learn how to translate Slimespeak, and explore every corner of your quaint home town until you've found all 60 collectibles. The game features non-linear, collectathon-style exploration mixed with RPG-style story quests.
  • Work through old-school puzzles that will make you want to use the in-game hints. We aim to create a sense of wonder and adventure inspired by Fez, Majora's Mask, La Mulana, and much more.


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Monospaced Lovers Credits

Stefan "eternal" Bhagwandin
Code and Story

Dannica "sphenops" Doplayna
Character Art

Michelle "OrchidFox" Ang
Environment Art

Ignacio "Michi" Michea

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